Pee Wee

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Pee Wee

Post by kayskross » August 27th, 2017, 4:15 pm

already week 3 and things are getting good and because there were hurt feeling last year when i said there were really only four teams who really matter i have a full top 10. one comment before that

typical syracuse city class scoring 55 on a mitey mite/jr pee wee/pee wee combo team so good job beating 8, 9 and 10 year olds. i have a friend whose son plays on ogden valley and they had to combine the 3 age groups to make one team. theyve never beaten a team their own age like that so you make yourselves feel like a great team by running up the score and mf49 obviously doesnt know the differnece between talent and maturity. dispecable but looking forward to gridiron excuses after this weeks game or maybe to this topic with the it didnt matter what we ran response

1 - kaysville white - ogden purple got ready for kaysville white like the coach said they got ready for syracuse
2 - plain city blue - ogden purple may or may not be a top 10 team but they cant compete with upper class teams
3 - kaysville brown - logan didn't come to play as much as kaysville played down to there level i dont see it happening agian
4 - roy black - take note there game this week is how you beat a team your miles ahead of with class
5 - south ogden - always tough and two good wins this is where they peak
6 - west haven maroon - not sure on the layton game but my guess is they won and if so they belong at 6
7 - washington terrace - only test will be end of the year for their #2 spot in region
8 - plain city silver - good win against layton the game on the 16th will tell where they are
9 - mtn crest - putting up good numbers against teams that have been outscored 131-0 this season
10 - syracuse black - enjoy the week in the top 10
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Re: Pee Wee

Post by FootballFTW » August 27th, 2017, 6:37 pm

I'd really like to know which of the 3 Kaysville teams you have a son / relative playing for. Feel free to message me privately and let me know if you don't want everyone to know. I'd love to meet you and shake your hand someday. You're quite the class act...

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Re: Pee Wee

Post by 4th_down » August 27th, 2017, 6:44 pm

Yes, QUITE!!!

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Re: Pee Wee

Post by MF49 » August 27th, 2017, 9:48 pm


Thanks for filling me in--I wasn't aware of the Ogden Valley situation with combined teams and wouldn't have even posted had I known. As a matter of fact, I posted that at the beginning of the second quarter when the score was much more reasonable (which you can see by checking the time stamp of my post and comparing it to the game schedule). I left at half time because it was out of hand. I don't at all agree with running up the score and would rather have had the backups get more playing time rather than Syracuse White continuing to play their top guys. I said as much to parents of boys on the white team after learning the outcome.

I guess sometime we all make assumptions that make us look a bit ignorant or even just plain jerk-ish...

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Re: Pee Wee

Post by FootballFTW » August 27th, 2017, 10:08 pm

@MF49 & Kayskross,

Who's to say Syracuse White wasn't running their backups much of the 2nd half? If Ogden Valley is running mighty might and jr pee wee kids, there are teams that no matter who you played they may still get scored on every possession. What should the other teams tell their kids? Don't try? Just take a knee on offense? I understand that 55 points looks like the score was ran up but it may not have been done on purpose.

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Re: Pee Wee

Post by kayskross » August 27th, 2017, 10:35 pm

@footballftw you may be right and this is the only time theyre going to score more than one td in a game so do it while they can. lets ask the kaysville, roy and plain city coaches. theyre good enough to have figured out what you do. you dont think they can score 50 a game against most teams.

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Re: Pee Wee

Post by ItsAllOnTheLine » August 27th, 2017, 10:51 pm

It may be the end of the world - hell freezing over and all that - but I agree with Kayskross regarding a team putting up a 55-0 score. :)

While I did not see the SW/OV game, 55-0 in a little league contest just seems like too much. With the short quarters, the running clock after a lead gets to a certain point, etc., it seems a team would really have to TRY to continue scoring to put that many points on the board.

Of course, I think it is probably pretty universally agreed that telling a player to "Take it easy" or "Don't play so hard" isn't acceptable because it is usually then that someone gets hurt - and most likely it will be the player trying to "do the right thing" in order to avoid running up the score.

Truthfully, the refs have an obligation to do what they can in those situations, as well. Heck, I've seen games where a ref has overruled fumble recoveries to help a short-handed team maintain possession deep in their own territory or added a yard or two to a run to allow a first down late in games to help keep scores in check. Not sure how many will agree with that but, with a huge point differential, no serious threat to that changing and the confidence of those young players on an under-manned team hanging in the balance? All of that is A-OK in my book.

What CAN be said, however, is there are definitely things a coaching staff can do to avoid things getting out of hand: Giving younger, smaller and/or less-experienced players (Not just the #2s but the #3s 4s and 5s, too) a chance to get on the field (even in positions they've never played before), running their most basic plays - dives up the middle, for example - with those players, instructing kids to play hard but run out of bounds if they DO break free, etc. All of which I know coaches from the upper echelon teams have done in similar circumstances - and have already done this season, in fact.

SW may have been running their #2s the whole second half but, and I concede I could be wrong here, BUT, when it gets to that level, and a team is obviously out-manned, out-muscled and just plain out of it, there had to be something more they could've done to stop the bleeding. I mean, I am pretty sure a 40-0 or 48-0 game still counts as a win just as much as a 55-0 game does, just without THAT level of "sting" to the team on the short end of such a game.

As has already been discussed, while important and, yes, the reason we keep score, there is so much more to this game than JUST the W/L column.

That particular game is done and over with and the ending cannot be changed. However, I, for one, hope that other teams take note and, while teaching their kids the importance of playing hard, also teach them the importance of playing right.
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Re: Pee Wee

Post by FootballFTW » August 27th, 2017, 10:57 pm

Yes, those teams could probably score 50+ points against some teams, if they tried. It probably wouldn't happen against most teams if they ran a lot of secondary kids. However, from what you said about there being mighty might and jr pee wee kids on the Ogden Valley team, there is a potential that those teams could score 50 points even running secondary kids. All I'm saying is it is best not to jump to conclusions. Maybe SW got a decent lead in the first half and then put in secondary kids and continued to have success without intentionally running up the score. Layton Blue beat Ogden Valley 46-0 the week before. That isn't a whole lot different. Someone with a better understanding of the Syracuse team and that actually watched that game might have a better idea of what happened. Obviously none of us love to see a 55-0 blow-out.

Let me also add that there were quite a few games last year where teams had 40+ points against other teams, while playing much of the game with secondary kids. If things had gone their way a little more or had they been playing this Ogden Valley team it very well might have been 50+.

I checked the schedule and Kaysville White plays Ogden Valley later this season. I'm guessing those coaches will have to take fairly big steps to keep that game from being a similar blow-out game. They have the benefit of possibly reading this forum and seeing past scores and adjusting how they play accordingly.

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Re: Pee Wee

Post by FootballFTW » August 27th, 2017, 11:42 pm

@itsallontheline - While I agree with much of your post. There is certainly an argument to be made against handing the ball to a player that has had little or no experience carrying the ball. There is a certain amount of risk of injury in doing that.

Anyway, moving on. For some perspective, so far this year:

Washington Terrace vs BRW: 48-0
Mtn Crest vs Clearfield: 44-0
PCB & KW vs WHB: 40-0

I'm guessing most of those teams didn't have mighty might and jr pee wee kids on their teams.

Also, props to the Ogden Valley kids for wanting to play the game enough to get out there and play, despite the challenge of having to combine age groups.
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Re: Pee Wee

Post by plaincity05 » August 28th, 2017, 7:35 am

OK my 2 cents on the Ogden Valley scores, 50 something to nothing games are no good for anyone but a lot of things can happen to let the scoring get out of control. We played them the last 2 years and had scores of 54-0 & 29-0. 2 years ago it was over in the 1st quarter and we even started telling them which way we were kicking on the kick offs to allow them to put more kids over there and on 2 occasions still got the ball 25 yards down the field. Had back ups to our back ups in taking runs up the middle for touchdowns. Sometimes you can do almost everything in your power to not score and still score.. On the flip side of it how do you tell a kid who has his 1st opportunity in his little football career to get a chance to run the ball not to score when he has a chance to?? I as much as the next guy enjoy the 14-13 or 28-27 games a lot more but it just doesn't always work out that way.

OK picks from last week, improved on a good week 1 and only missed 1 game this week the score hasn't been posted yet but when I left the game W.H. Maroon was up 20-6 late in the 4th so I'm guessing they held on for the win and that 1 being my only pick that I missed 17-1.

KAYSVILLE WHITE @ Syracuse white
LAYTON BLUE @ Farmington black
ogden purple @ P.C. BLUE
SYRACUSE GOLD @ Layton silver
Farmington gold @ KAYSVILLE GOLD
MORGAN @ Clearfield
B.R. RED @ west point
roy white @ WASH. TERRACE
Syracuse black @ KAYSVILLE BROWN
w.h. black @ ROY BLACK
NORTH OGDEN @ ogden valley
ogden silver @ P.C. SILVER
W.H. MAROON @ roy gold
MTN. CREST @ skyview
B.C. WHITE @ ridgeline silver
ridgeline blue @ B.R. WHITE
b.c. purple @ GREEN CANYON

Finally getting into some region play with some BIG games that will separate play off teams from non play off teams already 3 weeks into the season.

TOP 10....
1-KAYSVILLE WHITE....will Syracuse give them a game this week??
2-PLAIN CITY BLUE....Ogden got them last year, but I think P.C. is too much for them this year.
3-ROY in this one
4-KAYSVILLE BROWN....should tell us plenty about both teams in this one.
5-SOUTH OGDEN....this one is for the #1 seed in the region, easy the rest of the way out
6/7-PLAIN CITY SILVER-W.H. MAROON....the w.h. roy game is big for the seeding in our region !
8-OGDEN PURPLE....another tough one this week !!
9-SYRACUSE BLACK/SYRACUSE GOLD....not sure which is the better team both off to good starts.
10-WASH TERRACE....impressive win this week over B.R. White.

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