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Jr. Midget

Post by FFanatic » August 27th, 2017, 12:30 pm

It seems like the scores are high. Good O or bad D??? I love this age because the boys start growing and maturing at different rates and it starts shaking things up a bit. Based on the first two weeks this is what I have as my top 10.

1-KW- Until someone gives them a game you can't hardly argue. They looked great this week and didn't even play! Small though?
2-KG- I'm sure Farmington folks are gonna be bugged but based on what I've seen and who each has played I think right now KG would beat them. Do they have the "little brother" syndrome?
3-SG- New coach, new results. Look out KW and Farmington. Do they believe it?
3a- WP - This one is just a gut feeling. I think they will be great this year. Are they organized enough?
4-Farmington- They could easily be #1 on this list if they put it all together. BTW - They hit hard!! Consistency?
5-Clinton- They were a surprise last year. Not this year, I think they take another step forward. Deep enough?
6-Layton Blue- (Sliver from last year?) Honestly I am basing this one on scores and who I think they were last year. Best team in Layton?
7-Plain City Blue- They look impressive out of the gate! Are they just the best of the second tier teams?
8-WH- Only team on this list with an L but losing to KG by one score is nothing to hang your head about. Too many players? (31?...yikes!)
9-WT- I am sceptical because of years past and that is why they are at 9. They could easily be a top 5 team after the first 2 weeks. For real this year?
10-KB/LW- These two will be battling to be the 2 seed out of region 2B. Both look great. Will that stacked region help them or hurt them?
On my watch list: Morgan, Clearfield, BRR, LS, NS.

I would love to say that my rankings are based on watching every game and studying film. Unfortunately, much of it is based on rumors and scores. Probably not the most accurate and fair way but still fun! What do you all think?

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Re: Jr. Midget

Post by Coach33 » September 3rd, 2017, 11:17 am

I like a lot of your choices. Having seen a few of these teams. Here's my top 5.

1. Layton Blue - Two of the best and fastest RB's in the league on the same team!
2. Kaysville White - Great QB and solid players all around, well coached and tough to scheme against defensively.
3. Farmington - Well balanced team and still very difficult to score on!
4. WP - Solid team every year with a very good RB!
5. Plain City Blue - Most improved team! Very physical running game and aggressive defensively and a hard hitting LB that's also a very good RB that's hard to bring down!

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Re: Jr. Midget

Post by Mickelson7 » September 3rd, 2017, 11:47 pm

I will throw my rankings out there

1. Layton Blue-Yes! Excellent RB's and QB as well, top to bottom solid
2. Farmington- always very strong and yes they are again this year
3. West Haven- they are combined into one team now and look very good
4. Kaysville White- strongest of the Kaysville teams which is saying something (however Kaysville Brown got killed by PCB? Initially thought it was a score reporting error, Apparently there was some errors with scores yesterday ))
5. PCB - easily beat Green Canyon and based on the way they beat KB yesterday, they are obviously the strongest of the teams up North). They power, they throw and big solid line
6. has to be West Point, always overlooked, yet they always get progressively better as the season rolls, they have several RB's with some serious speed too
7. Then Wash Terrace has to be here and maybe even higher??
8. Have to go with Kaysville Brown, passing game keeps them in here.
9/10, let's go Syracuse Gold and Kaysville Gold
Sorry Kaysville haters, still all three in the top ten, we will see what week 4 brings.

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