Layton team colors

August 13, 2018

Layton team colors are assigned with the randomly selected draft order. Draft Order #1 = Blue #2 = Silver #3 = White
Coaches are not allowed to choose or trade their team colors, ensuring that team colors, region placement, and resulting schedules are random each year.

Jr. Mite:
Blue – Cleverley
Silver – Thomas

Mitey Mite:

Jr. Pee Wee:
Blue – Peterson
Silver – Dyson
White – Rivera

Pee Wee:
Blue – Griffis
Silver – Van Ausdal
White – Hodgkiss

Sr. Pee Wee:
Blue – Davis
Silver – Cannon
White – Benzley

Jr. Bantam:
Blue – Coggins
Silver – Oster
White – Davis