Sixteen teams from each division except Bantams shall advance to the post-season playoffs. In the Bantam division eight teams will advance. For each division, the team compiling the best win-loss record in region competition shall be declared region champion and enter the playoffs as the Region # 1 seed.  If the two top teams have identical records, the winner of the head to head competition shall be the #1 seed and the loser shall be the #2 seed.  If there was no head to head game, a playoff format will be determined by the Executive Board.  If three or more top teams have the same record, and head to head competition is tied, playoff format shall be determined by the Executive Board.  If the first place team is seed #1 uncontested, and two or more second-place teams are tied for the #2 seed, the same format as above shall be used.  Mid week and play-in games will only be used to determine playoff eligibility, and will never be used to determine seeding if all participating teams have already qualified. *NOTE: Only region games count toward playoff determination.  No team shall be penalized when determining won-loss records because of unequally scheduled region games (e.g. byes or cancelled games that are unable to be made up).  Every effort shall be made to complete cancelled games that have an effect on post-season qualification.
The 2016 brackets can be found here