2017 Warriors

August 15, 2017

2017 Warriors
Jr. Mite Red – Swenson
Jr. Mite Black – Carter
Mitey Mites Red – Pratt
Mitey Mites Black – Coy
Jr. Pee Wee Red – Neilsen
Jr. Pee Wee Black – Dean
Pee Wee – Rasmussen
Jr. Midget Red – Jones
Jr. Midget Black – Hart
Midget – Lindsay


August 14, 2017

The schedules are posted. They should be considered draft for a few days. If there are real glaring problems, contact your association director. If they need to change, they will be changed and so check back Friday to be sure your game time and/or place hasn’t changed for Saturday.

Please refresh the page if it doesn’t show up for you. Sometimes the site gets overwhelmed with requests and so come back later if you get an error.

2017 Teams

August 10, 2017

Bantam Black – Tim Taylor

Midget Black – Jake Raymond

Midget Gold – Dave Hobert

Jr. Midget Black – Brent McFarland

Jr. Midget Gold – Travis Hamblin

Pee Wee Black – Brandon Greenwood

Pee Wee Gold – Rory Hamblin

Pee Wee White – Ray Duncan

Jr. Pee Wee Black –  Chad Barney

Jr. Pee Wee Gold – Justin Stringfellow

Mitey Mite Black – Jeff Metcalfe

Mitey Mite Gold –  Michael Rader

Jr. Mite Black – Travis Hanberg

Jr. Mite Gold –  Greg Godderidge

2017 By-Laws are Posted

August 1, 2017

The 2017 by-laws have been posted. They can be downloaded from the By Laws page under the About menu or by clicking here.