2015 Playoff brackets

September 23, 2015

The 2015 playoff brackets have been posted here (http://www.wffl.com/football/football/playoffs/).

On the team pages the Region for that team is listed below the team name and the current standings for that Region are in the table towards the bottom. Note that only the games played against opponents of the same region will count in the standings and used to determine seed in the playoffs.

Where tie breakers are required (where there are 3-way ties), the standings won’t be correct until after the tie breaker games. Tie breaker games will be played during the week between the last regular season game (3 Oct) and the first playoff games (10 Oct).

Monday, Oct 5 the League Board and Association Directors will meet and schedule the playoff games. Once the playoff games are scheduled, the game times will be posted on the team pages along with the other games. The first week of the playoffs, the better seeded (#1) team will play at home. The second round of the playoffs are played at the better seeded team’s home field or if the seeds of the two teams are the same, they will be played at the northern most team’s field. Associations are listed north to south in the bylaws on page 34.