Field Information

August 30, 2013

Layton City has asked that everyone be put on notice that dogs are NOT allowed in Ellison park.

Please respect the playing facilities so we can continue to use them free of charge. No one is allowed inside any roped off areas (except badged coaches/officials and players of that game) or the outside edges of tracks. When crossing running tracks, please do so only in designated areas. The only thing allowed on the arificial turf fields is water (no Gatorade, seeds, snacks, etc.)

Scores and Standings

August 26, 2013

Some users have noticed the scores are not showing on the web site. Sometimes pages are cached by your internet provider. Please refresh the page in your web browser to see any page updates. One way to refresh a page is to press F5 while viewing the page. I’ll be working on a way to put a time stamp on the pages so you can see when the page is old.

2013 Season Schedules

August 10, 2013

The draft schedule has been released here on the site. There may still be changes, they are considered draft until midnight Tuesday. While no changes are expected, it is still possible they will need to be edited to accommodate field availability.

Start by clicking “Schedules” under the 2013 Football Season menu, then select your association, next click on the team from the right side of the Association page.